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Affordable Appliances: Delicious Food You Can Cook in a Rice Cooker

The rice cooker has always been one of the most essential kitchen appliances in the Philippines, but did you know that you can use this staple cookware for more than just preparing rice? From boiling an egg to baking a cake, this humble appliance is definitely a versatile must-have for the modern home. Here are just a few examples of dishes you can prepare with your rice cooker:

  • Eggs – Apart from boiled and steamed eggs, your rice cooker can prepare a variety of egg dishes like scrambled eggs, frittatas and omelettes. Just sprinkle a little oil, whisk a number of eggs, and add in your pre-cooked meats and vegetables. Set your rice cooker to “cook”, and you’re good to go.
  • Whole grains and seeds – Rice cookers can be used to prepare oatmeal, quinoa, risotto, couscous, polenta and even fried rice, similar to preparing white rice. The difference lies in the amount of water being used.
  • Pasta – Whether you’re cooking spaghetti or preparing macaroni and cheese, your rice cooker is one of the most effective appliances to use to cook pasta. The process is fairly simple, as well, and does not require measuring water.
  • Soups and sauces – Speaking of pasta, you can also use your rice cooker to prepare a number of stews, soups and sauces. Depending on the dish you intend to make, the process can be as simple as combining all ingredients into the pot filled with water, and pressing the “cook” button.
  • Cake – Did you know that you can use your rice cooker to bake your favorite cakes and breads? Just prepare your cake mixture, place it in the buttered pot, and press “cook”. For baking cakes, you may need to press the “cook” button two to three times.

As one of the most recognized suppliers of affordable appliances in the Philippines, Tough Mama offers a variety of versatile rice cookers that help you prepare several dishes, including:

  • Drum-type rice cookers – These automatic, classic-type rice cookers are designed with a secure lid and aluminium inner pan, and comes with a measuring cup and paddle. Capacity ranges from 0.6L to 1.8L.
  • Jar-type rice cookers – Versatile and easy-to-use, these models serve as all-in-one rice cookers, warmers and steamers. Rice cookers feature a non-stick inner pan and a built-in, easy-open lid.
  • Straight-type rice cookers – Models are tough and versatile, and boast aluminium inner pans and glass lids.

Tough Mama offers only the best rice cookers in the Philippines for every household. Check out our collection and each unit’s specifications here.

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Tough Mama’s Induction Cooker is Energy Efficient

If you’re on the lookout for the best induction cooker in the Philippines that can meet the kitchen demands and budget of the modern family, you don’t have to look further than Tough Mama’s induction cooker. Proven safe and effective, induction cookers provide a means to cook at a precise temperature, minus the time and dangers that come with fire.

Tough Mama’s units can do all these things and more. The benefits include:

  • Quick heating and cooling – Compared to a traditional stove, Tough Mama’s induction cooker can bring water to boil around 2 to 4 minutes quicker. This is because units are equipped with electromagnetic coils that directly transfer heat to the cookware, unlike with traditional stoves that first bring heat to the burner before reaching the pot or pan. The cooling process is also much quicker, with the heating immediately stopping once the cookware is removed from the surface.
  • Even heating – With an induction cooker, you can be sure that heat is distributed equally, preventing any “hot spots” in pans. The heating process, regardless at which temperature, is instantaneous. One benefit of even heating, of course, is that it translates to more efficient cooking and more delicious food.
  • Energy-efficiency – Cost-effective and environment-friendly, induction cookers provides precise temperature control in record time, which avoids any wasted heat that may be harmful to the environment and put a strain on your electricity bills.
  • Increased safety – Induction cookers use electromagnetism to heat cookware and its contents. Despite high heat, however, the cooker itself remains cool to the touch. These units also only work when a specific cookware comes into contact with its surface, making it easier to prevent accidents.

Check out a range of high-quality and best induction cookers in the Philippines from Tough Mama.

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Tough Mama: Your Go-To for the Best Electric Fan in the Philippines

Tough Mama has always prided itself in being the leading supplier of high-quality and durable yet affordable appliances in the Philippines. This includes a selection of heavy-duty fans suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The collection features various fan type, including:

Box Fans

Light and portable, the box fan is ideal for small and tight spaces and can be constantly moved to rooms that require cooling and ventilation. It can be placed atop desks and windows to drive warm air, smoke and odors from inside the room and out. Models are available in a square, rectangular or oblong frame and feature a plastic or steel lattice-style housing that help maximize air circulation.

Desk Fans

Similar to box fans, desk fans are ideal for small and tight rooms that require additional airflow. They come in a compact and portable form, allowing them to be moved from space to space with ease. Models are energy-efficient and also boast oscillation features, which allow the fan to continuously rotate at a 180-degree direction to maximize air distribution. Angle is adjustable as well.

Stand Fans

Stand fans are the perfect choice for heavy and long-term use. They are designed to maximize air distribution with features such as an adjustable height and speed control. Despite the size, stand fans do not take up too much space or consume too much energy. They are still designed for portability and user convenience in mind, with some models being remote-controlled.

Tower Fans

Tower fans can arguably be considered to be one of the most space saving fans today, given their features for high performance and user convenience. Models are light and portable, and can be placed in tight spaces without compromising its performance. Tower fans also boast elegant designs, silent operation, high durability, speed and intensity settings, and timer and remote-control features.

Velocity Fans

Designed for heavy-duty performance, velocity fans are inexpensive and energy-efficient yet pack a punch when it comes to airflow. They are very similar to box and desk fans with the exception that they are suitable for commercial and industrial use. Models are also portable, but they can be wall- or ceiling-mounted as well.

From different types of fans to other durable and affordable appliances in the Philippines, Tough Mama has got you covered. Call (+632) 8638-0844 to learn more about some of the best electric fans in the Philippines.

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Tough Mama – Affordable Appliances – TVC entitled “SAYA”

Nobody’s tough like Mama, especially when it comes to her family. Moms know best, and so it comes as no surprise that moms only want the very best for her home.

At Tough Mama, we offer a range of high-quality and affordable appliances in the Philippines that are specifically built to last and designed for life. With its reliability and toughness, Tough Mama is the perfect staple for every household.

Durable and energy-efficient, Tough Mama appliances bring you value for your money, with each model carefully crafted to make everyday life simpler and more convenient, giving consumers more time and energy for things and people that really matter.

To learn more about the great benefits that come with using Tough Mama appliances, catch our TV commercial, entitled “SAYA”.

Tough Mama appliances are currently available at all leading appliance and department stores nationwide. Contact us at (+632) 441-8385 for more information, or send us a message at

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Tough Mama’s Induction Cookers: Easy Cleaning, Easy Caring

Energy-efficient and time-saving, the induction cooker poses several advantages to the modern household. Despite its ability to accomplish heavy-duty tasks, this kitchen appliance is quite low-maintenance. It is also very easy to clean using common household products. For maximum results, you can apply these three tips when cleaning your induction cooker:

  • Once the cooktop has completely cooled down, wipe away any spills with a damp sponge. Apply a small amount of your cleaning solution on the top and gently wipe the surface with a paper towel. No need to rinse with water.
  • For heavy and intensive cleaning, use undiluted white vinegar on stubborn spots and wipe away with a clean dry cloth. You may add a little cooktop cleaner after this to add to its glossy shine. Again, rinsing with water is not necessary.
  • Whether your induction cooker is crystal- or ceramic-plated, you should always use a soft, clean cloth or paper towel for both cleaning and polishing. Even when it comes to stubborn stains, using abrasive pads or brushes is greatly discouraged.

Knowing the proper techniques to cleaning your induction hob is not enough; you should also know the things to avoid. For instance, while tempting to use when faced with very stubborn stains and spots, you should never use dishwashing, caustic, flammable or bleaching solutions, or scrub sponges, rigid brushes or abrasive pads when cleaning your induction cooktop. As much as possible, whether during handling or cleaning, make sure not to scratch this kitchen appliance.

Tough Mama’s induction cookers are tougher against tough stains. It is a cheap appliance that is very easy to clean and maintain while using common household items. Browse each unit’s specifications here, and get only the best induction cooker in the Philippines from Tough Mama.